Staying in Touch with BFS – Second Half of 2022


To our valued clients,

Stick to the plan.

The first half of 2022 has been terrible for almost all types of investments.  Even conservative bond funds have been hit very hard.  It’s difficult to see account statements with negative returns, however, it’s important to remember that by working with Brown Financial you are supported by investment professionals and, together, we have a plan for your investments.

If your plans have changed then we need to talk and determine any updates, otherwise we should stay the course.

Anyone with 5+ years before retirement should actually consider adding more deposits than usual this year.  Bear markets, sell-offs and recessions are a normal part of the investment and economic cycle.  They’re hard to predict and even harder to time for any investor. 

Our best advice is to reflect on your personal situation and to contact us with any changes or questions.  This way we can ensure that your investment plan still fits your needs so you can be confident and move forward regardless of the market conditions.

For anyone interested in digging a bit deeper into some of what we’ve been reading, here’s a link to a great macro overview from a great partner of ours, Fidelity Investments:

Also a great slide show about volatility from Fidelity:  Market Volatility – 10 key messages EN.pptx

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