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Here’s what some real people are saying about our team and services:

“The team at Brown Financial provide a level of support that many in the industry simply don’t care to provide any more. My wife and I are both entrepreneurs who thought we had a handle on ‘planning for the unexpected’. With two young children and a mix and match style of products to protect our family interests we didn’t realize the significant shortfall that existed. It was Mike’s patience and experience that helped us navigate the products and services available for consideration to best protect us should the worst happen. Without this approach we would have kept our status quo which fell short of how we wanted to protect our most important assets… our family and ourselves.”

Andrew & Megan C, Small Business Owners

“Thank you so much for showing me how ‘Happy Life’ insurance works! I had no idea that an insurance policy could help with retirement income and estate planning.”

Dr. Stacey, MD

“Nick Brown’s excellent service continues. Nick has successfully delivered insurance solutions to assist with our personal estate and corporate succession planning. He has proven on several occasions that he can provide the right solution in an extremely fast and very professional manner. We appreciate the stellar service.”

Steve Fletcher
Vice President, McKeil Marine Limited

“Dear Nick and team,

Thank you very much for your assistance in helping plan our family insurance and benefits needs. After starting a new consulting business, we had the obvious concerns about giving up our corporate health and insurance benefits. As a single-income household, your help came at an important time for us. We are also appreciative of your understanding of the extra needs and options that are available to us as small business owners.”

Brad and Christina George

“Nick has been our employee benefit consultant for the last six years. He is quick to act on any sevice-related issues while maintaining that our coverage and rates are competitive. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to any small business or corporation.”

Dr. Katina, MD

“We’ve been fortunate to never have to worry about having enough money, but you really opened our eyes to how much more of a legacy we can create through proper estate planning.”

Wealth management and Life insurance client

“Dear Brown Financial,

I’m writing this letter to you in part to say “Thank you” and in part to encourage other women to buy Critical Illness insurance from you. Please feel free to share my story on your Client Testimonials page in the hope that it may help others as well.

When my husband and I were first getting serious about personal insurance we weren’t sure what kind of coverage we needed. During our meeting to discuss coverage options, Nick helped us understand that because of my family history of cancer, that my Critical Illness policy would likely receive a health rating (meaning an increased cost) or an exclusion of coverage (no benefits for certain conditions). Understanding this ahead of time helped us feel better prepared for what to expect when we submitted our applications.

My policy was approved but with a 200% health rating. This essentially doubled the price for my Critical Illness insurance. I wasn’t sure what to do and thought about decreasing the amount of coverage (to reduce the cost) or giving up the coverage completely. We talked to Nick and he reminded us of why Critical Illness insurance was important to us and he reminded us of the ‘Money back guarantee’. The Return of Premium option increased the cost but guaranteed that if I stayed healthy then I would receive every penny that I had paid back from the insurance company. We liked this approach because even though we had to look seriously at our budget, we didn’t like the idea of potentially ‘throwing away’ money for a basic Term policy that would give us nothing if I stayed healthy. And most importantly we really wanted to have enough coverage to allow me to take time off work and obtain treatment to recover if I was ever diagnosed with a critical illness.

Your advice really paid off when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months later. Suffice to say that when I first contacted Nick about my diagnosis, I was shocked, scared and confused. Nick took care of everything; dealing with the Insurance company on my behalf, checking up on me, and ultimately helping me receive my Critical Illness payout quickly, easily and without additional stress at a time when I already had so much on my mind. I can’t begin to put into words what a difference it made when I was dealing with multiple surgeries and then chemotherapy, to not have to worry about money, being off work, or the additional medical costs my treatment incurred. Needless to say it was difficult to get through my treatment and recovery, but the financial security provided by my Critical Illness insurance helped me focus on my health and my recovery.

I am so happy that you took the time to help me understand my options and to convince me to obtain the right amount of Critical Illness insurance, it made a huge difference in my life.

When I purchased the insurance, I was only 35 years old, healthy and a non-smoker. I assumed at that point in my life that my insurance was something I “might” need when I was much older, but 18 months later I received my diagnosis. Unfortunately, my situation is a stark reminder as to why women at any age should buy Critical Illness insurance; even if it seems expensive, it’s worth it!”

Sandra P.

“I came to know Nick Brown through Business Networking International (BNI), and have been a client for several years.

Nick presents himself in a knowledgeable, assured and professional manner. He listens carefully to questions and concerns regarding your needs. He investigates on your behalf, providing options to ensure the best outcome for your requirements.

In my situation because of family health history, Critical Care Insurance was initially declined. Nick worked diligently and was able to secure a Critical Care Insurance policy on my behalf. This was extremely important to me. I have respect and confidence in Nick and the Brown Financial team and recommend his services highly.”

Patricia D., Small Business Owner

“Nathan Brown has a great way with words and explaining the true importance of Critical Illness insurance – something that no one really wants to talk about.  Not only did Nate take ample time to review our needs and options, he found solutions to things we thought might be problematic.  We highly recommend Nathan Brown of Brown Financial Security.  A call to Nate can put a lot of things into perspective… tell your friends and family to get Critical Illness insurance!  Thank you Nate.”

Rebecca & Kyle, Small Business Owners

“As an active member of a charitable and benevolent organization, I hear regularly of parents who have been thrust into a difficult situation due to the unforeseen and extended illness of a child.  In addition to the emotional impact parents must often seek financial assistance. This is due to extended periods of time away from work and without income leading to re-mortgaging homes and exhausting retirement savings, just to try to provide the care necessary for their child.
Because of this I am reminded of how thankful I am that Nate Brown of Brown Financial recommended Child Critical Illness insurance to me.  I rest assured that should such an unfortunate event befall one of my children, I need not worry about the monetary implications and can concentrate on the more important aspects of life in the moment.  And the best part is, should I thankfully not need to claim on the insurance, I get 100% of the premiums back!  That money can be used to help my kids with school expenses, a wedding, or a down payment on a home.  Or, perhaps I’ll keep it and go on a (well deserved) vacation.”

Trevor H., Small Business Owner and Community Service Member

“It’s not always easy to talk about life and critical illness insurance – or about your finances in general. Michael Peters was quick to put us at ease and helped us determine the level of coverage we need in order to maintain a similar lifestyle to the one we currently have – there are a lot of factors to consider that hadn’t even crossed our minds! He walked us through the application process and kept us updated with any news he received along the way. I certainly didn’t think this process would be quick and painless, but with Brown Financial on our side, it really was.”

Jessie S. & Adam G.


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