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Help protect your independence, dignity and life savings when you can no longer care for yourself

Long Term Care Insurance helps pay for health, social, and personal care needs that other plans or government funds don’t; the plan is designed to help protect your independence, dignity and life savings when you can no longer care for yourself.

Protect your future and preserve your financial independence

There is a real chance that at some time in your life you may need to enter a long term care facility or receive special medical care in your home. This type of care is far from inexpensive, and depending on the level of care you may want or need, the cost may not be paid by your government health plan. Long Term care Insurance can bridge the gap between what is provided and the extra care or services you might prefer.

With the benefit that comes from planning with Long Term Care Insurance, you may not have to withdraw from your savings, or fully rely on other sources of funding.

Give your family peace of mind that you’ll have good care

Your family will feel better when they know that you are able to get the care you need, with the dignity you deserve, whether you require nursing care, rehabilitation and therapy, personal care (help with activities of daily living like dressing, eating and bathing), homemaking services (meal preparation, cleaning, laundry), or supervision by another person.

Long term care insurance can help to cover costs and give you more choices for your lifestyle:

Maintain more control over your future

Long Term Care Insurance can keep you in control with:

Talk to us at Brown Financial to make Long Term Care Insurance a part of your financial plan.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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