Staying in Touch with BFS – Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2021

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges

Climate change, poverty, systemic racism and inequality are huge issues identified by the United Nations, which we can all play a part in helping to resolve.

  • More than 700 million people live in poverty
  • One in three women have experienced sexual or physical abuse
  • CO2 emissions have more than doubled since 1990
  • Climate change is considered the greatest threat to global security
  • Water scarcity affects more than 40% of the population
  • Three billion people don’t have access to clean cooking fuels and technologies

The time to act is now

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement brought social and environmental issues to the forefront
  • Seventy-five per cent of investors are interested in discussing responsible investing with their advisor, yet only 28% of them are having those conversations
  • Sustainable investments typically outperform traditional investments.  Morningstar estimates that investment in sustainable funds and ETFs grew by an impressive 67% in 2020

Making sustainable investing a reality

  • The gap between the number of investors who hold sustainable investments and those who are interested in them is far too wide.  That’s why BFS is on a mission to make it easy for investors to integrate these solutions into their portfolios.
  • With the assistance of mutual fund companies like Mackenzie Investments, we aspire to create a more invested world, sustainably. As a leading Canadian asset manager, Mackenzie focuses on protecting and creating value for their stakeholders – clients, employees, shareholders, communities, and our planet by building sustainability into Mackenzie’s culture, corporate practices, and investment decisions they make.

Let’s consider integrating one or more of these funds into your portfolio:

Mackenzie Global Sustainability and Impact Balanced Fund
Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund
Mackenzie Global Women’s Leadership Fund

This topic will be included as an Agenda item at our next review meeting.If you would like to take action sooner, do not hesitate to reach out to us to arrange a conversation. 

“Restore Our Earth”

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