The Human Body Warranty

Human Body Warranty

Critical Illness insurance is your Human Body Warranty

Are you the type of person who pays attention to the Warranty that comes with the ‘things’ you buy? New cars, appliances and phones all come with various types of warranties ranging from a few months to lifetime coverage.

Maybe you’re even the type of person who values the peace of mind that comes with the extended warranties that are often available.

These can cost a few dollars per month on a new phone to a few thousand dollars to add protection to a new or used vehicle.

For certain, not all warranties are created equal, however, for the important ‘things’ in life, it’s nice to know that a warranty is there to help cover the cost of fixing what’s broken.

So, what are the most important ‘things’ in your life? Your car? Your furnace? Your refrigerator? Your home? (you’ve got home insurance, right?). Now think about the importance of your very own body and mind? Critical health issues can cost huge amounts of money and need to be addressed quickly. Doesn’t it make sense to have a warranty for the critical things that can go wrong with your health?

Critical Illness insurance from Brown Financial Security is your Human Body (and Mind) Warranty. It is a guaranteed legal contract that pays you a tax-free, lump-sum benefit when things stop working properly in a critical way. It provides you and your family with money when it’s needed the most.

Did you know that Critical Illness insurance has started to outsell Long-Term Disability insurance at some major Canadian insurers? People are real- izing that conditions such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) are being diagnosed more often and at younger ages than ever before. With Critical Illness insurance you can focus on your health and not your finances when a diagnosis happens.

And, for those you that made it all the way to the end of this article, here’s a special offer – a 100% money-back guarantee for staying healthy. Yes, Critical Illness insurance has a Return of Premium option that will pay back 100% of your money if you don’t make a claim. Aren’t you glad you read the whole article?

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Work Hard. Retire Well. Leave a Legacy.

This article was published in Neighbourhood Magazine. The original can be found HERE.

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Work Hard. Retire Well. Leave a Legacy.


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