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It’s an unsettling question asked by most couples: What will happen to our estate when we die?

New! See our presentation on Insured Inheritance which can be an important part of your Estate Planning.

Will my children (or other beneficiaries) be provided for, or will they be left with a huge financial liability to go along with the tough task of dealing with our demise?

To help ease the burden of this daunting issue, Brown Financial offers an insurance product called “Survivor Insurance”. This is a relatively new form of insurance and you should be familiar with it if you are married and expect to have an Estate Tax bill when the last of the two of you die.

This product is designed to insure both spouses’ lives and pay a death benefit when the last of the insured pair dies. The premiums are lower than the premiums on two separate life insurance policies separately insuring each spouse. This is due to the longer life expectancy that the last to die of two people have over the shorter life expectancy of two individuals standing on their own.

On the death of the last to die of the spouses, the Trustee will collect the proceeds of the insurance policy applied for, and use those proceeds to offset the loss of assets caused by having to pay Estate Taxes. Estate Taxes are not avoided, but the Trust will provide money to make up for these usually unavoidable costs.

Contact a Brown Financial representative today, and arrange a meeting to discuss your retirement plan.

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