Staying in Touch with BFS – Prepare vs Predict

Hello again, We are approaching 6 months of the COVID-19 restrictions.  Who would have thought that we would be this long into a global pandemic with such broad impacts on all of our lives?  We at BFS certainly didn’t see all of this coming and, as we have noted in past articles (and in conversations […]

2 Simple Investment Secrets for Surviving (and Thriving) Through Crises

This COVID-19 pandemic and the associated emotional and financial impact has been unprecedented.We are all (individuals, businesses, governments) reacting and adapting on a seemingly day-to-day basis. At Brown Financial Security we have been talking with clients and community members like you about what is happening with their financial plans. Here are the 2 Simple Secrets […]

Available Government Benefits Due to COVID-19

Happy Friday! Here is our latest email update in our continued effort to offer helpful information and advice to you and your family. I am focusing this update on Taxation of COVID-19 benefits.  There have been a lot of different benefits programs announced and implemented since the start of the pandemic.  There seems to be […]

The Human Body Warranty

Critical Illness insurance is your Human Body Warranty Are you the type of person who pays attention to the Warranty that comes with the ‘things’ you buy? New cars, appliances and phones all come with various types of warranties ranging from a few months to lifetime coverage. Maybe you’re even the type of person who […]

Updating Your Plan for 2020

Every year, Canadians make new year resolutions. They commit to making their lives healthier through better eating, more exercise, and taking more time for themselves. One area of their lives many people neglect to “healthify” though, are their investments. They assume that what worked for them in the past, will continue to work for them. […]


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